New Relic app cannot be installed on a Slack space


The NewRelic app cannot be installed on a Slack space.

I’m going to and here I click Add to slack, now instead installing the app and redirecting to integration configuration page, it just redirects to NewRelic docs page: Proactive Detection with Applied Intelligence | New Relic Documentation. It behave as this both from desktop app and from browser. Tried for different users, got the same issue.

Asked Slack support to check it, they said NewRelic should be asked for support.

Please help.


I’m seeing the exact same behaviour - the “Add to Slack” button is quite clearly a link to New Relic documentation. New Relic support could you assist?

Sorry, my fault. mean Slack support responded there is no issue on their side. This is why I asked here, on NewRelic forum.

Found this link in some of my documentation, going to try using it to install the Slack app at my new company, replace Slack-Workspace with your workspace:

Interesting that you can’t search Slack and find the above link…

Thank you, this one worked!

Doesn’t work for me

response: 200,

Unable to invoke Webhook. Webhook responded with HTTP status code 404.


Any updates on the topic? The “Add to Slack” button on the “New Relic” application still references the documentation.