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New Relic Brainiacs: Win a Laptop Bag!



Prove your knowledge, earn a prize!

Alright all you New Relic brainiacs, it’s your time to shine! :brain:

We are constantly blown away at how much you know about the New Relic platform and we think it’s time you have something to show for that amazing New Relic resume of yours.

For the next month we are challenging you to get Certified in New Relic APM, AND pass our Best Practice quizzes.

Use the helpful resources below to get going.

Part One: New Relic Certification

To become a New Relic Certified Pro, click here !

To help you prepare for the test we’ve gathered these handy resources in the Community for you to review. check%20badge

Part Two: Best Practice Guides & Quizzes

APM Best Practice Guide

Alerts Best Practice Guide

Browser Best Practice Guide

Infrastructure Best Practice Guide

Mobile Best Practice Guide

Synthetics Best Practice Guide

Insights Best Practice Guide

Do you have what it takes to pass all 7 quizzes :arrow_up: and become certified in a month? We know you can do this awesome challenge!

Click on your badges page to track your progress! You may also have a head start…!

Once we see you really truly know your stuff, we will send you a custom New Relic laptop bag! Not to mention, you will earn your brainiac badge along with others so everyone in the community can see just how smart you are.

Be sure to use the email address associated with your New Relic login when you take the quizzes!


Happy quizzing!

Welcome New Explorers | January 16 2019
Welcome New Explorers | February 6 2019

Very nice initiative!!


I do have the New Relic Performance Pro certification but no badge for it. How do I get that added to my profile?


Hey @karanpreet.singh - I checked your email address and I see that you are indeed certified. So I just added the badge to your profile :smiley:


Thanks Ryan! Also, How long does it take for the quiz badges to reflect here? I’ve completed two of them and don’t see the badges here :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s no defined timeline @karanpreet.singh - this is (unfortunately) not an automated process, my team here do review the results and manually add badges though, so if you pass the quizzes, the appropriate badges will be added to your profile.


Boom 7 quizzes done and the cert


We need a way to print the badges out to wear as a medal ribbon to show the battle honours for the front line troops of the 1st Div APM Rangers :medal_military::medal_military::medal_military::medal_military:


I like that idea - that or iron-on badges to create a New Relic Explorers Hub Sash to wear with pride, almost like scout badges. :laughing:


Im looking forward to see you wearing them! :laughing:


i have complete the first quiz, but i didn’t see a badge for me yet? im new here :slight_smile:


Hi @reza.setiadi! Assigning badges is a manual process on our end. You should see yours in the next day or so. Thanks!


I had completed APM Certification under my personal email ID - Email address redacted. I had taken quiz under my work id. Quiz badges are showing up. Can you please link my certification to my work email id


and done!
brainiac badge incoming :blush:


Hi, I’m already a new relic certified, so waiting for New Relic laptop bag and badge.


@madhu.boyina - We have just had your certificate transferred to the right address :smiley:


full house now I think as well :+1::grin:
going to have a pretty heavy sash for all those badges.


Thanks for quick response @RyanVeitch


Hi @RyanVeitch Have the 7 quizzes done and also the certified pro, no sign of any badge yet though for the certified pro piece. Any chance you could do the honors and take a peek. Could do with a new laptop bag :wink:


Wow! Congrats on becoming certified :trophy: and excellent work on passing every one of those quizzes. It’s so good to see more and more New Relic Pro’s.

You should now see the Certified Pro badge on your profile.