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New Relic Brainiacs: Win a Laptop Bag!



I’ve taken the New Relic Performance Pro certification test but haven’t seen the badge added yet to my profile.

I’ve gotten the badges for all the other quizzes I’ve taken so far. Does the certification one take longer?


Hi @ian.arsenault! The badging process is a manual one so give us a day or two to assign your new badge! Well done! :blush:


Completed all 7 quizzes and Cert Pro exam. I understand the badges take time, but I never got cert pro badge. Maybe it got assigned to my former work email. Here’s the uri - /avb8wxei



I do have the New Relic Performance Pro certification but no badge for it. How do I get that added to my profile?


My certification =>


@Alexandre_Pinsard & @josephyi - your certified pro badges have just been added :smiley:


thx :wink: why i haven’t 3 badges Mobiles, Insight and Synthetics. I have it yesterday :frowning:


@Alexandre_Pinsard - Assigning Quiz badges are on my schedule for a little later today, you should get yours soon :smiley:


Normally i have Braniac Now :slight_smile:


@Alexandre_Pinsard - you certainly are eager for that Brainiac badge :smiley:
I just got through assigning the individual product badges. We issue Brainiac badges weekly (on Fridays), so you should get that tomorrow :medal_sports:


Thanks for the badges and the update, @RyanVeitch!


Hey @RyanVeitch Is there anyway to add the Certified Pro badge from my personal account to this account? I had retaken the test on this account as well, but for some reason haven’t gotten the badge on either accounts.

I received the certification for my personal account on January 27, 2019


@ian.arsenault - For sure! I’ll get that added here for you.

I just checked for Certification results and I can indeed see yours there. Impressive score by the way :muscle::trophy:


Hi, @ian.arsenault: FYI, certificates are issued by a human (me). I won’t issue another certificate if you already have one, which is why you did not receive one the second time you passed the test. You may, however, login at and change your name, email address, etc.


Massive congratulations to this weeks Brainiacs!

:trophy: :medal_sports: @Alexandre_Pinsard @Splintor @erwandf @ian.arsenault @josephyi @oleg.lipovchenko @peter.ralston :medal_sports: :trophy:

We look forward to seeing you spread your newly confirmed knowledge within the community :smiley:


All tests completed! I never did get the tshirt from the 1st 4 quiz challenge.


Thanks @RyanVeitch and @philweber!

I appreciate your help.


Hi @RyanVeitch,

I passed and don’t think I received an email confirmation about receiving the book bag (forgive me for being petty but I like my New Relic prizes :slight_smile:

Also I noticed on my badges page does not reflect my Certified Performance pro Cert (issued May 19, 2018). If possible can you assist with that or refer me to someone who may be able to assist (a co-worker brought it to my attention lol).

Thanks and have a great day,
Darien Buchanan


Hey @darien.buchanan -

Don’t worry about it, it’s not petty at all - I understand the desire to grow the swag collection (I really want one of the laptop bags for myself!!).
That said, there hasn’t yet been an email sent for this, so don’t worry you haven’t missed out yet.

The next round of Certified Pro badges will be issued on Friday. It’s interesting that you don’t have the badge already having passed last May, but I’ll check that out and we can get that sorted out :smiley:

Then when Brainiac badges are being issued tomorrow you should be all good. :smiley:


Massive congratulations to our latest batch of brainiacs :brainiac:

@vijayraut33 @vijay.raut @vaidyanathan.ramasub @tejas.a.kamdar @rinsley @paradkarsh24 @MeenaMusale @markc1 @fgonzalez1 @devarajan.veerabadra @darien.buchanan @c.iuliano @bpeck @bhokseajit @Ajit.Bhokse @adam.ahndan @CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA @imranplay.devops

You have proved that you are all New Relic experts.:trophy: