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New Relic Brainiacs: Win a Laptop Bag!



Thanks @RyanVeitch for looking after that so quickly. Much appreciated. :+1:


Certification and Quizzes completed as well. Looking forward to see the badges appear on the profile. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Not sure how I missed the Synth and Infra badges before, but at least they are done now.

I feel smarter already. Go Me! :rofl:


thank you! i received it already



I have also completed the certification, didn’t knew there’s a badge for it.

Kindly add the batch to my profile too.



Collected 'em all!
(and the badges seems to show correctly)

Where do i leave my business address so i can show off with the collagues? :yum:


Congrats @jlelli - we’ll be reaching out to all of those eligible for the laptop bag once this Certification & Quiz campaign is over. You’ll receive a form to provide your address at that point. :slight_smile:


I had completed Insights Quiz well. The badge is not showing in my profile. I see the badges for all the other Quizzes. Can you please check


Hey @madhu.boyina - Badge assignment is a manual process - it may take a few days for badges to be applied, but rest assured that if you passed the quizzes, we’ll ensure we get to your badges :smiley:


Thanks @RyanVeitch for quick response. I had taken all the quizzes (Insights, Infra, Browser, Synthetics and Mobile) on the same day . I see badges for all except Insights so was bit concerned


Interesting - I’ll take a look into it, we may not have gotten to the Insights badges in our last assignment. If I can see your Passed result I’ll get the badge added for you now.


Thanks again @RyanVeitch , i see the insights badge as well


Booyah! Just finished the 3 new quizzes, and finished the rest during the last round of quizzes! Feeling good!


Go you, @tnovak! That is awesome! :tada:


Congratulations to our first Brainiacs! You guys are amazing! @Aldrin.Cruz @David.Bell @Julian.Collins @LAMBERT @MKhanna @brant.rakoski @frankdornberger @henkmeulekamp @james.ashworth1 @jfry @jlelli @karanpreet.singh @madhu.boyina @michael.svegmar @pieded @tnovak


@ebeach thanks a lot. The quizzes were fun and I should have done my certification a long time ago… Was massively overdue.


tfw you’ve had a rough day so you decompress by taking a bunch of NR quizzes…


thanks for the brain teasers!


I’ve collected all too and got the Badges!

In October I completed 4 quizzes and got 4 Badges (APM, Alerts, Infra and Browser) but didn’t received the email for the New Relic T-Shirt (:disappointed_relieved:


I got certification with another email, can you help me to import to his activity as badge?


And done… had to redo my certification with my work email address. Great simple tests that are easy for the areas you use regularly but tough in the areas you don’t.