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New Relic Brainiacs: Win a Laptop Bag!



Hey @fungth - I see your passed result here with a different email address. I can go ahead and assign the certified badge here in the Explorers Hub. You can actually update the email on the certification yourself at the site that is used to distribute certifications.

@agarcia2 I’m going to take a look into that for you!

@Carl.Schodde I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the quizzes, it’s good that they’re a little challenging, right? :laughing:


Hey there. I have also finished the Certification Pro and no badge was issued on my profile. Kindly check it.



Hey @carlos.teixeira - I just added your Certified Pro badge to your profile :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!

Same issue with October quests happened to my mate @jlelli

I realize now that I do not have the Brainiac Badge, am I missing sth?

Thank you in advance.


Nope - you’ve got everything. Badge assignments are a manual process though, we run through that every few days, but I have just gone ahead and added yours now.


Can I link my personal id with the current account, as all the achievements of New Relic University has been completed from my personal email id, if not what is the best possible solution.


@shreyash.goswami - when you receive your certificate you are directed to where the certificate is issued. In that portal you can alter your email address. Though, if your certified pro badge was already assigned to the old email address, that badge won’t transfer here. Can you DM me with the email address you used for the certification? I can validate your results and get a badge assigned to your current community profile.


Newly New Relic Certified with 7 badges :confetti_ball:


Hi, I do have the New Relic Performance Pro certification but no badge for it. How do I get that added to my profile plus I don’t have Brainiac Badge. Thanks in Advance.


Hey @Sujith.Nair - I just added the Certified badge :slight_smile: Your Brainiac badge will be issues in our next round of badge assignments!


Hi @RyanVeitch , After Brainiac badge - am I eligible for laptop bag now :slightly_smiling_face:


@Sujith.Nair - Yup - The Brainiac badge is all you need. We’ll be reaching out to all of those eligible in the coming weeks to get shipping addresses, so watch out for that email :smiley:


Hi @RyanVeitch - I just realized I never got a confirmation email / completion badge after completing and passing the certification. Is that a manual process from your end?


Hey @Lee.Melvin - Yup that’s a manual process. We go though the passed APM Certification results and assign Certified Pro badges to those with an Explorers Hub Profile. I can see that you passed 2 days ago, we haven’t gone through all results since then, but I’ll get your badge assigned now :smiley:


Hi @RyanVeitch - I am also New Relic certified but the badge is not added to my profile.
How to get it added to my profile.
Thanks in advance.


@RyanVeitch - can you check my account as well. I did the exam on Sunday and still don’t have the cert badge or the braniac badge. Sorry, I did wait a few days but my paranoia overwhelmed me


Hey @abraham.liya - I see that your certification was completed using a different email address (a gmail address) I’ll get the badge assigned to you here - but may want to login to the site to view the certification and change the email address from gmail to the address you use here.

@Carl.Schodde - I just got your certified badge added.

Braniac badges will be issues over the coming days :smiley:


Congratulations to this week’s New Relic Brainiacs!

@Carl.Schodde @carlos.teixeira @patrick.hannah @Sujith.Nair @agarcia2 @avatin @jayson.conry @sheik.sulaiman @tomasz.marszal @zackm


Thanks NR crew! These quizzes showed me where I had weaknesses in my New Relic know-how :grin:


Your avatar game is strong though, Wren! :wink: