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New Relic Brainiacs: Win a Laptop Bag!



Hi, @md.farhanmemon: Certificates and badges are issued manually. If you passed the certification exam within 3 attempts, you should receive both within the next few days.


Hey @md.farhanmemon - our laptop bag contest is now finished, there is swag up for grabs though in the Spring Clean contest. Check that out, and what you need to do here:


I suppose now it’s time to show off… :smirk:


It looks good! So glad it made it to you.


And mine has arrived as well this morning :grin::gift::+1:


I would send a picture of my laptop bag, but while I negotiated an agreement to exit from the existing backpack, I hit an issue with the proposed backpack and I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask for a different, better backpack altogether.
I’ve had a number of votes to decide what to do but the plan now is to delay clearing out the existing backpack, and then ask the community team for a different one. :grin:


That’s a lot of backpack-themed drama! :scream:


I received the certificate, unfortunately not the bag.
Thanks for the replies… :slight_smile:


@md.farhanmemon The laptop bag contest has finished now, but it’s not too late to get some sweet New Relic swag from our latest contest; Spring Cleaning. Check that out here:


Am I the only one who hasn’t received the bag yet xD?


Oh no! Looks like there was some type of hold up with your package, @carlos.teixeira! I am going to reach out to you privately to see what we can do. Look out for a DM from me! :blush:


Even I didn’t receive the bag as well…:frowning_face:


Hi @abraham.liya, I just DM’d you a status update on your bag.


Just letting you know I was eligible, but I haven’t received the bag yet. I have on other occasions though.


Hey @CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA - I hate to think that you did not get your bag. You do so much in this space! Also, I hate to say it, but we don’t have any more bags. How about if I send you our brand new never before seen new teeshirt instead? DM me a size and address and I will get that out to you.


I received two of them (2 different SWAG events), so if you’d like one, I’d gladly send it over to you.