New Relic Browser on Razor


I want to new “Newrelic browser” on Razor solution.
After implementing your snippet I had a problem with “Pop().split” and I fixed it according to your manual.
now I’m having a new problem:
error CS0103: The name ‘nr’ does not exist in the current context

any idea?

Hi @shimon, welcome to the Explorers Hub. Would you be able to share the snippet that you’re referring to?

Hi, as a new user I’m limited to 4 lines, so I cannot add snipper here. but it’s “browser monitoring” js snippet.

Typically when you get errors like The name 'nr' does not exist in the current context , it means that the specific resource is not present in the page for it to be referenced to.

I think you might get some benefit from following this guide in our docs ->

Can you review the above document and let me know how you get on if you need more assistance with it. I feel that passing this to your developers will help you to get your application instrumented for browser