New Relic Browser Usage and Bandwidths

  • Share what method you used to deploy Browser (APM or copy/paste): APM

  • Which version are you using? (Lite, Pro or SPA): PRO+SPA

I would like to ask if anybody knows about how much data and bandwidths are being used by New Relic Browser Agents on end users’ devices - mobile web, or pc web browsers?
It would very much depend on how much customisation you use, but I am just looking for a general or default data usage.

I have been trying to find the information, but could not.

Please help.


Hi, @esong01: You may use DevTools in your browser to see the actual data transmitted by the browser agent, as described in this post:

On my system, it is less than 200 bytes per POST.

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Hi Phil,
So NewRelic does not provide such data, unless instrumented?
I was hoping to avoid using Chrome’s dev tool entirely.
I guess if that means, SPA and Insights can be very good for measuring RUM performance metrics but for deep analysis we have to use dev tools as well.

anwyas, thanks!!

You do not need to use DevTools in order to use New Relic Browser. I only suggested it as a way to see the amount of bandwidth consumed by the JavaScript agent.