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New Relic Certification Challenge Wrap Up



Certification Challenge Wrap Up :mortar_board: :mortar_board: :mortar_board:

What a busy October we had! Sharing NRU’s Certification program with our community turned out to be a lot of fun, AND I think many of us learned a lot about New Relic’s APM product.

This campaign only ran for the month of October, but the resources are still available to you, and will be for a long time! We here in the community wanted to kick off the certification with our friends at New Relic University because many of you already know a lot about our products and we want to celebrate that. Become certified and put that on your resume! Resources like the certification webinars, assessment, and this certification category will be available to you from here on out.

Let’s go back over all of the certification campaign details, working backward:

Coffee Chat with Phil :coffee:

Phil @philweber joined us for a special Coffee Chat study session to help us prepare for the certification assessment. We picked Phil’s brain (Phil is one of the authors of the certification test, by the way) for a whole hour and was able to get a handle on what kinds of questions were being missed by test takers, and why they were being missed. The entire slack conversation with Phil can be found here!

Twitter Test Prep

We had twitter poll after twitter poll of test prep questions. These tiny pop quizzes were meant to help give you a glimpse into what the assessment would look like. Are you following our community twitter handle? @Learn_NR

Certification Category & Resources

Lastly, we created this special category full of helpful videos and tutorials that help contextualize and teach about New Relic. Come here any time! This area is your virtual classroom. Feel free to ask questions in these threads, watch as many videos as you want and take the certification assessment whenever you feel ready.

New Relic Certified Explorers

Special shout out to these Explorers especially who provided feedback about their experience becoming certified pros! @todd_preece @AdamSocs @jlove @josue.tello @nethaji @stefan_garnham

And congratulations to the many others that became certified in the month of October! You may have noticed that newly certified Explorers have a custom title next to their name in this platform. Of course, we can’t forget, all participants that were certified during our challenge get special certification socks!

Thank you so much for having fun with this. We will be sure to update this category as the certification program grows and evolves!


Not certified yet :disappointed: not by New Relic. Been certified in other areas :upside_down:

And I wanted a new pair of socks too!


Keep trying! Since your input was so valuable, @stefan_garnham, I am going to see what I can do for you. :wink:


Replied to the email. Can’t wait for my new socks!


I knew I had to finish something! It’s in my to-do list tabs and I never got around to it! Doh! Great job though folks!


Was an email sent out? I didn’t get one :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, I had typed it in wrong initially and someone had to fix it in order for me to get my cert - so I’m wondering if you used that email.


That is possible, @AdamSocs!

Go ahead and DM me your mailing address and I will be sure to send you your pair! :blush:


Thanks @Linds, just got them. :smiley:

Will certainly be wearing them in the office tomorrow.


Whoo hoo, New Socks!!


Whoo Hoo! New SOCKS!


It’s really hard to believe a year has passed since this certification.


Isn’t it?! I hope your socks are holding up okay! :wink: @brian.goodman


I dried them with a load of towels at some point :rofl: so they now mid-long socks. Even still they are more comfortable and used more often than any of my other socks.