New Relic Custom Dashboard

Hi Team,

We are having issue with Newrelic custom dashboard setup. Can you please do the needful and take this as high priority.

NOTE: We have tried the same in different browser too.

Hi, @sathyamoorthy.k: Please be more specific about the issue you are having. It is impossible to help with the lack of information you have provided. We need to know what you are trying to do, how it is not working, and what error messages you are seeing, if any.

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Hi Philweber,

We have something Test-Dashboard which is customisable and where we have included all our project (Ex:10 projects). Please find the scenario below,

If I filter the particular project for SQS metrics in Test-Dashboard and tried copying it, but I’m getting the sqs metrics for All projects instead of one.

That is correct. Copying a dashboard copies its definition without filters applied. I do not think it is possible to copy a dashboard with filters applied.

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Actually that was working fine before. But all of sudden we are facing the issue now. Can you help us with the same.

No, I cannot help. A support engineer will help you as soon as possible.

Yeah please! Kindly take this as top priority and revert back ASAP.

All support requests in this forum have the same priority. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

@sathyamoorthy.k as @philweber mentioned this is the expected behaviour. do you have screen shots or any evidence of this working before.

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Yeah we have. Please find the screenshot below,

The first one was the test dashboard where we have all projects and use to filter the particular project and keep it in our separate dashboard.

The second one belongs to the separate custom dashboard.

Hi Team,

Any update on this?

Yes, I also noticed that we lost the ability to copy with the filtering intact. Please restore this functionality.