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New Relic Daemon is not starting in automatic Agent mode


OS: Centos 7.3.1
New Relic Php Agent :
Php version: 5.4.16
Apache server: 2.4.6

Followed the following steps and unable to start new-relic daemon

  1. rpm -Uvh
  2. yum install newrelic-php5
  3. newrelic-install install

changed my license and customised App name in below file


Restarted my application server i,.e httpd


Because you are on Centos you might be running into issues with Selinux blocking Apache from starting or connecting to the newrelic-daemon on the default socketfile. In most cases you can get around this by using an abstract socket which I’ve documented in more detail here:


I am able to resolve this issue but changing the default daemon port to @newrelic-daemon.
After that I was able to see the data in New-Relic server.

Thank you @beastman