New Relic Dashboard with multiple pages via Terraform/API

Hello team!

I am working with New Relic One dashboards, and having multiple pages is a perfect feature!

I would like to create these dashboards automatically using Terraform.

I investigated on how to create a simple dashboard using Terraform / New Relic API. And, if I am not mistaken, it correlates with New Relic Insights dashboard. Also, I found that New Relic One dashboard with multiple pages becomes a data app in Insights.

So my question is - could you, please, advise me on how to create a dashboard with multiple pages automatically?

Thank you


Hey @Nadiia.Maltseva

Glad you are liking and enjoying Paginated Dashboards.

Right now you cannot create those with terraform or the API. Currently the dashboards API is the same that was built to handle dashboards in Insights - which works for creating dashboards in New Relic One, but does not work with Data Apps (Insights) or their New Relic One equivalent (Paginated Dashboards)

The good news is that I know there is work being done on a new NerdGraph endpoint for Dashboards, which I’m sure will make it into the Terraform provider.

The bad news is that I don’t have a timeline on when that’s going to be launched.

I’ll get your interest logged though - to make sure the team know there is demand for this functionality


Thank you for the answer! We will be waiting for this functionality :slight_smile:


@RyanVeitch - at this point, any idea when will the data app creation option be available through terraform API?

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Not currently! I believe this is part of the effort to build out an entirely new Dashboards API. One using NerdGraph focussed on the newer dashboards in New Relic One option.

Once that work is complete and that API is released, the team over in #build-on-new-relic:developer-toolkit will be able to integrate that into our terraform provider.

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hi team,
Do we have this feature implemented for paginated new relic dashboards through terraform ?

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My team is also waiting on this feature.

Any news about this feature?
Since we use terraform to create all the dashboards on DataDog, we are currently experimenting with NewRelic to see if it matches our needs.
Without this feature, creating the dashboard manually is obviously a big no-no for us.

For anyone who was waiting on this feature, it is now available. See for more details.