New Relic Diagnostic CLI (aka. NR Diag)

NR Diag

Intro -

NR Diag was built, and is maintained, by New Relic Global Technical Support.

It is a diagnostic and troubleshooting tool used to find common issues with New Relic Supported Products and Projects. Great for apps not reporting data to New Relic. Issues with connectivity, configuration, and compatibility. If it finds an issue it will suggest resolutions and relevant documentation. If it can’t help you resolve the issue, the information it gathers will help when troubleshooting with New Relic Support.


NR Diag supports Linux, macOS, and Windows.

To install in a Docker container see here

  1. Download a zip of the latest version and see changes in our releases notes

  2. Extract the zip, and select the executable file for your OS.

  3. Place the executable in your application’s root directory. (May not find all issues if located outside the apps root directory)


NR Diag can help you troubleshoot issues and confirm that everything is working as expected. If after running NR Diag you think you are still having issues review Global Technical Support options that may be available for your issue, NR Diag output can help us resolve issues faster so keep it around!

Optional, but highly recommended: Temporarily raise the logging level for the New Relic agent for more complete troubleshooting. Instructions can be found in this documentation

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

  1. Open an elevated command prompt

  2. Navigate to root directory of your application (or where ever you placed the NR Diag binary)

  3. Run nrdiag

  1. Review results( tips on interpreting output).

Working with Global Technical Support

If after running NR Diag, reviewing the output, and attempting to resolve the issue you are still having difficulties understanding what the issue is, the data gathered by NR Diag can be used by Global Technical Support to help resolve the issue, often in quicker time then without the data. Note if you have fixed any issues called out by NR Diag, either rerun it or let us know what you tried or changed (up to date results ensure more accurate troubleshooting)

If you have or are going to open a ticket with Global Technical Support, then uploading the data gathered by NR Diag will as early as possible will speed up the troubleshooting process.

To upload your results automatically to a New Relic Support ticket all you need to do is run nrdiag binary using the attachment flag -a MY-ATTACHMENT-KEY You can get your attachment key by viewing the ticket in the New Relic Support Portal. You can also request a support engineer to provide you the attachment key.

Support -

This Nerdpack is supported by the developers here in this community thread, or alternatively you can ask questions and in the Github Issues page. If you can fix the issue yourself, please do submit a pull request.

The full ‘NR Diag’ Readme and Repo can be found here