New Relic does not cancel my account despite I notified it 85 days in advance


I am writing here although I am pretty confident that it will be ignored like the rest of my attempts to contact you.

On June 29th our yearly subscription expired. I contacted your subscription teams, as you asked me to do in a previous email to let them know that we didn’t want to renew any longer. No migration to NR1, nothing, just leaving NR because the project this account was for is out of business.

On 2020 we did the same: we answered your friendly renewal team email and everything was fine. Subscription was cancelled.

This year we did the same, exactly 85 days prior to contract end’s date. Everything should be fine. However, it isn’t.

You billed us again for July usage (which is out of yearly period). $400+ USD.

Tried to open a support ticket… but it seems that our account is not eligible to open tickets. Even billing tickets!
Tried to email our sales representative, and we get a “email address not found” bounce.
Tried to contact you through the person that cancelled our plan last time and we get a “email address not found” bounce.
Tried to contact our local country New Relic phone number, and all that we get is a voicemail saying that we can leave our contact details and they will reach us. Nothing. Nitch. Nada.

Finally, we got a LinkedIn contact for a NR Sales representative in my country. He checked it and said he couldn’t see our account because of… reasons. But that we should write to and… wait.

Of course, no response.

The only way it seems to terminate account is filling a form on NR1 and accept a $4500+ charge. Of course we are not happy with it.

C’mon, guys. This is crazy. Do you really want loyal customer and evangelists or are you looking for captive users who can not end their subscriptions?

Edit: fix typo.

Hello @newrelic105 -

I understand your frustration here and want to help you get this sorted. I have created a case for you with our Billing team and they should be in touch shortly.