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New_relic_f5_plugin on Ubuntu


So we are running into the same problem here but using Ubuntu. A couple of questions. How is this plug-in useful if someone has to run it manually? Wouldn’t it be better if it was setup in a way that allows it to be installed as a background service?

Setting up newrelic_f5_plugin on CentOS host

it is absolutely set up to work fine that way, we just don’t package it that way. Clearly we use it internally without running it manually, but our setup is not typical so we have not shared it with the world.

If you wanted to contribute a setup that integrated it with launchd or something, and drop a pull request onto github, I’d make sure the author took a look for you (maybe we can start up a contrib/ directory for that stuff). Basically, we leave it at the lowest common denonimator: “here’s a way to run it”, since we do not require anything like launchd, linux, or even unix as a prerequisite.