New Relic failing to pull in Display Name from YML file

Hi all,

I’ve rolled out the IA on to around 350 PCs we’re monitoring currently. By default the IA will look to the hostname so we’ve set up display_name variable. This has been working fine over the past couple of months.

Recently however two of the PCs which were returning the display_name are now just returning a generic hostname (e.g. DESKTOP-KNAVGQ).

I’ve tried deleting the YML, restarting the IA, adding the YML back in and then restarting the IA again. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the IA to see if that fixes it alas to no avail.

The PC’s are both standard Windows 10 - all the PCs we’re monitoring are by and large the same and they all hold the exact same YML file with the only difference being the value entered in display_name. I did have this issue on one PC in our trial phase and that was resolved by deleting the YML and readding it. Unfortunately this isn’t working in this instance.

Does anyone have any recommendation as to how to solve this issue and have the display_name being returned? I have a separate script running on the PCs which reads the YML and returns the display name there so it’s not a case of New Relic being unable to read it. The YML is correctly returning the specific programs we’ve set up to monitor so it seems like it’s only partially failing to read the YML.

Any help would be wholly appreciated.

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Is this going to be addressed by New Relic support?

I have dashboards, saved queries and host lists that are broken now and have have the AWS EC2 instance-id as the DisplayName value instead of what I set in the nri-agent yaml config.

Did something change or am I suppose to use something else? Is it because of the AWS Metric Streams method?

Hi Christopher,

I may have found a workaround to my original issue. I set the display name to a completely different value and restarted the agent which pulled through. I then repeated this by reverting back to the original name and restarting the agent, and it is now displaying correctly.

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