New Relic Feature End-of-Life Announcements

In order to improve your New Relic experience we’ve made some big improvements to our platform. As a result, we’ll be ending support for some old features over the next few weeks. Many have already been publicly announced as “end-of-life.” These changes represent our commitment to improve your interactions with our platform. Our mission is one observability platform that unites your telemetry data, connects your full stack, and helps you build more perfect software. To that end we’re focusing on simplifying your experience for troubleshooting, alerting, and visualizing data.

Here are more details on what’s changed, with some helpful links and guides on how to take advantage of new capabilities to achieve the same goals. As always, we’re here to help. Please connect with us in the Explorers Hub, or contact your account team with any questions.

Old Kubernetes integration agent versions

To improve our unified experience, starting from Wednesday, August 12, 2020, Kubernetes integrations that use v1.7 or older will be deprecated. If you are using v1.7 or older, you will need to update your integration in order to continue viewing Kubernetes performance data. Follow the instructions in our documentation to upgrade to the latest version of the Kubernetes integration. The UI experience in the domain will no longer be available; it will only be available in New Relic One.


Monitor listing page and Synthetic labels

To improve the experience of Synthetics monitors and labels, we’ve moved both experiences into the New Relic One platform. If you use the REST API for Synthetics label management, you’ll need to update to the tags API moving forward. The good news, with the NerdGraph tags API you can organize and group all your entities in a single request.


“Rollup by” in Synthetics

Synthetics is moving to New Relic One to provide a single platform for observability of your complex software systems. To do this we are unifying the tools you use to tag (or label) your services, applications, and monitors. The specific feature that is end-of-life is the “Roll up by” feature under the “Search monitors” dropdown menu. The same functionality to group monitors by tags can be achieved in New Relic One without that dropdown feature. No changes will be required to use the new Synthetics monitor listing pages. The new experiences will be available to you after July 30, 2020.


Embedded Charts

In order to reduce redundancy and provide a more unified experience, the embedded charts functionality will be replaced by the New Relic One Get chart link. Embedded charts currently in use and hosted outside the New Relic domain will continue to function. The changes will include:

  • The name on the chart’s menu that generates them will change from Embed to Get chart link.
  • For charts that are no longer supported, Embed will be replaced with Get chart link is not supported for this chart.
  • The APM UI page that lists all embedded chart links will no longer be available.


Legacy distributed tracing UI

To standardize our user experience, we will be deprecating the older distributed tracing UI which exists within the domain. Users can access distributed tracing through New Relic One, which provides a superior experience with all the functionality supported in the duplicate UI that is end-of-life.


Violations changes

In order to provide a unified experience, we’re deprecating Browser, Mobile, and Monitor (Synthetics) violations and replacing them with the New Relic One equivalent. New Relic One users can access violations via the “Alerts and AI” button in New Relic One’s main UI, the entity list activity stream, as well as from inside a specific entity via the new “Operational/Warning/Critical” button. Users will see alert details automatically when navigating to


Connected Agents Page

Finding your connected agents has never been easier! You can already do this via the Query your data link in New Relic One. Simply run these NrDailyUsage queries to get a list of connected agents and hosts. The old Connected Agents page is end-of-life and will be removed.


Inactive apps in New Relic One

Starting June 8, 2020, New Relic One will not continue to display any APM application that hasn’t reported data for 93 days.

To match our published APM data retention guidelines, applications that have not reported data will be available within the New Relic UI for 90 days. After 90 days, those applications will be removed from the UI; however, key metrics will continue to be available via the New Relic REST API based on subscription level. As a subset of the metrics will still be available, the application name will remain reserved until the application is permanently deleted via the REST API.


Synthetics Monitor Alert Notifications and Conditions

In order to provide a unified experience, we’re deprecating Synthetics monitor alert notifications and alert conditions violations UIs and replacing these pages with a new Synthetics monitor overview experience in New Relic One. This new experience provides visibility into a monitor’s open violations and alert conditions with the monitor results in a single view, removing the need to open multiple tabs to view violations or alert conditions.