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New Relic Fundamentals Certification: Get Certified, Get Socks



Get Certified, Get Socks!

Are you comfortable with how to get the best out of New Relic and want to prove it?

New Relic University has launched the New Relic Fundamentals Certification program.

This program will help you build the foundation you need to become an expert on the New Relic Observability Platform. You’ll get the skills and knowledge you need to use New Relic to see what’s happening in your application, understand where the problems are, discover opportunities for optimizing your entire application ecosystem, and make sure you never miss an issue that needs attention.

  • There is no cost to take the courses or the certification exam
  • You WILL need a separate login for to access the certification program

The best part; if you pass all of the associated assessments in the New Relic University Fundamentals Certification test before February 14th, you will receive a pair of New Relic Socks.

Jump over to the New Relic University site to learn more about the Fundamentals course:

And if you have questions or you’re looking for some tips, come by one of the 7 Coffee Chat Sessions with our NRU Technical Trainers.

Ok… but how do I claim my socks…?

Leave a comment here in the thread with a screenshot showing your certification score! We’ll wrap this up on February 14th, shortly after that, we’ll send you an email asking for your shipping address. That’s it! You get certified and warm feet :socks:.

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Can’t find the course


Hey @jarret - you’ll need to register for it at:

and from there you’ll need to go through each step until you reach the Certifications. There is some learning material to get through in the course before hitting the certification.


So no charge for courses correct - just do the 3 courses?


The courses in are all free, that’s correct @darlene.targett2 :slight_smile:

Just get the certifications passed and share a screenshot here :smiley:


Hi, I finished the certification on December 23 and I live in Mexico,
can i get the socks?


You can get socks! Do you have a screenshot of either your score from the certification, or alternatively, do you have a screenshot of the certificate in your email?


What steps? That page is really confusing, are those all part of the same cert? Are they different certs? Not sure what to do at all. Clicking the top one, and brings me to more steps etc …


yes, this is my score


Those are each different sections of the same course, once you click through the first, you’ll get a list of subsections to go through. and then move on to the next section, and onto the subsections of that 2nd section, etc…


Still confused. They all say “course” are there multiple courses in the single Certification course? Or is there a certification for say … Alerting, and a separate course for that.


Hey @jarret I sent you a DM to clarify :smiley:


Can NR employees participate and get a pair of socks? :slight_smile:


@masen - I happen to know you already have a fabulous sock collection, so no. New Relic employees are not eligible for this one. :wink:


Hi I have just started the certification, finished second exam “Practice Test: Intro to APM” (18 of 20 was right), but now it shows like I haven’t taken it at all , but I already have seen the score … bugy much? (account id: 2hq8bvl5ixzoe)


Hi @MarkDavydov - Yes! It IS buggy! :wink:

You just ran into a bug that we found this morning. We’ve been able to replicate but don’t have a fix yet. That said, rest assure that it is just the Practice exam that is affected, which does not keep you from passing certification.

Thanks so much for letting us know and we’ll update you as soon as we get it resolved.



Completed certification. Can I get the socks now ? :grinning:


Great work @allthebest2rishi! Looks like you have a couple more exams to complete before you are fully certified. You need to get to step 8 on the image in your screenshot. Once you do that, you will be eligible for socks.


After various grammar and technical issues, here are my scores:


Congratulations @mike.zimmermann! Great job and way to also make your first post! When we wrap the campaign on the 14th of February, we’ll reach out with information about how to claim you socks.