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New Relic Fundamentals Certification: Get Certified, Get Socks



I finished the course but haven’t received my certification yet :frowning:

This has been the longest 5-10 days ever! LOL!


Great work @samuel.tillman - The New Relic University issue certificates manually, it’s not an automated process. So it’s likely that they have a set cadence to do it, and that may not have come up yet. @philweber from the NRU team will be able to confirm the certification process.


@RyanVeitch - No issues here, I just can’t wait to show it off.


@MarkDavydov -

Turns out - not a bug! We have just cleverly hidden the instructions for saving your practice score:

We’ll get to work on making this more clear and appreciate you pointing it out.


Hey Everyone!

We’re publishing a new tip each week to help you with the Fundamentals Certification.

This week we run through EVERY New Relic product at a high level, so you have an introduction to performance monitoring with New Relic.

We hope that this will help you in the Certification questions that ask you to pick the New Relic product for a certain scenario, but this information should be helpful for much more of the certification program too.

Check it out:


Hi my name is Francisco Sosa. Is this enouhg to claim my socks? :smiley:



Yes!! Watch out for an email in February with details on how to get your socks

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I finished the course and passed the certification.


Hi! i already finished the certification!


Great job to the 6 participants who have completed the certification program! There’s still time to get your New Relic Fundamentals Certification and don’t forget about those socks. Reminder to post your screenshot on this thread once you have passed all the associated assessments.



I have completed on 18th September 2019, do i get the Socks?


Hey @loganathan.ponnambal -

Do you know which certification you passed? This thread relates to the newest fundamentals course in - if you have a screenshot of your passing results from that certification course, then yes, you get socks :socks:


I hope I can get the socks, this is my Score :slight_smile:


You did it @ivan.floresm - impressive scores too! We’ll email you in mid-February to get your shipping information and get your socks to you.


Here’s me also hoping for some socks


How the socks look like?


Congrats to everyone certified so far!

We’ve just published another Tip Of The Week…

This time we cover all things insights. There are a number of references to Insights in the certification, questions on what data is stored for certain NR tools, and how to query certain data points. Hopefully this week’s tips will be helpful for you to understand our data and query structures. :smiley:

And if you’re not yet Certified, you still have plenty of time to earn your socks! Just read the details at the top of this post!




@jfry! Great to see your avatar again! Nice work!