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New Relic Fundamentals Certification: Get Certified, Get Socks



Excellent work @tim.degrande. Be on the lookout for an email after Feb 14.


Here’s what the socks look like!



certificate-kfqq8p6qu64s-1579656694.pdf (517.8 KB)


Hey there @sukhman.sandhu - Great work! Thanks for posting. We’ll get back to you in mid-February with instructions for getting your socks!


Here is mine!


Is this the correct screenshot?

also, I just realized I used a different e-mail for the courses, is that ok?


Excellent work everyone!!

@melina.ferreira - that is the right screenshot.

We’re keeping our own record of submissions here containing the email tied to your community profile here. So we’ll reach out to you on that address in mid February :smiley:


My feet are going to love the NR socks!


I finished the course and passed the certification.


Here’s mine!


Hi, i finished the certification!


Hello! I have completed the certification. Thanks!


After retaking an exam and passing, it’s still showing as not passed. Add to that the exams error out half way through almost every time, meaning I have to restart. The material is OK, but with all the bugs I’m getting fed up.



Looking forward to getting my socks!



Completed my Certification, looking forward for my pair of socks :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the course, it helps alot


WOW, look at all those certifications! Way to go everyone :slight_smile:
After going through the certification process do you have tips for others who have not started yet?



It wasn’t super simple, but not extremely complicated either.
I’m waiting for my socks. :slight_smile:


I have been using New Relic for a while, but decided to go through the certification course to make sure I getting the most out of the tool for our organization. Learned a few new tricks, so worth the time. Well designed with practice tests to emphasize key points along the way.