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New Relic Fundamentals Certification: Get Certified, Get Socks



Hi @ATighe! I’m sorry you’re seeing errors when you take the exam. I DM’d you some questions so we can investigate further.



My certification expired in December. Just re-certified and enjoyed the new training and certification exam.


Hi @nr.neomm! Congrats on passing the first part of the certification! You just need to pass the next two sections to get certified and earn some :socks:


The latest Certification Tip of the Week is out now:

This time, ALERTS

And don’t forget to come by the Coffee Chats with your questions:



Hey @gurleen.kaur1 - Great job on the performance monitoring fundamentals! Don’t forget to complete the remaining parts of the fundamentals certification to earn your socks!!


I have completed all the parts of Fundamentals certification.



phew! I passed I could do with some new socks


This comment will be removed


Hi there,

I can confirm that i finished with the certification.
Please let me know how to take my certificate, and the new SOCKS :slight_smile:

Martin D


Completed my certification! Really looking forward to trying out some new socks :smiley:


Hey @monitoringLife -

Do you have a screenshot like the others here? There are a number of parts to the fundamentals certification, having the screenshot of all parts completed is required for the socks :smiley:


Sent a PM to you so save the rest of the community from my craziness :smiley:


I finished the course and passed the certification


Here’s mine:


Done :slight_smile:


I’ve completed the course but haven’t received any completion notification.


I just passed my certification, scores attached - please add me to the “gets socks list”…!