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New Relic Fundamentals Certification: Get Certified, Get Socks



Does anyone else find that 11/12 disproportionately annoying :rofl:


Completed :slight_smile:


Completed! (Minus the final manual approval)


Great job EVERYBODY! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Hello, I have completed the New Relic Fundamental certification :smile:

Satish Kumar


Hey Stephan, yes even for me its same. I guess the “LearnCast: Analyzing your APM data in Insights” module is not getting marked as complete…


The course was awesome!! Really enjoyed it, and learned a lot!
Now, may I have my socks?? Looking forward for it!! :heart_eyes:


Yesss! Watch out for an email later this month with info on claiming your socks :smiley:


Great Ryan! :smiley:
Just to confirm, I used a different email to register in (I used my personal), and I am in Brazil. Is there any problem with it?

Also, it would be nice to add a logo for New Relic University in LinkedIn, for when displaying the certificate:


Hey @Luis_Carvalho - We’ll be emailing you on the email address you have in your profile here in the Explorers Hub.

I’ll send your message over to the NRU team to see if they can add on an image for linkedin cert links.


Woohoo! It’s sock time!


Certification Assements all passed :smile:


Good to see you back in the Explorers Hub @Julian.Collins - Congrats on passing the tests :smiley:


Certification Completed

Can I get the socks? :grin:


You can indeed! Great work @Edson_Junior - those are some high scores!


Please find below my scores When can I get the Certificate and Socks

Title Enrolled Status Completed Score Receive notifications
Certification Assessment: New Relic Alerts 2020-Feb-05 Passed 2020-Feb-05 88 / 100
Certification Assessment: New Relic APM Fundamentals 2020-Feb-04 Passed 2020-Feb-05 82 / 100
Certification Assessment: Performance Monitoring Fundamentals 2020-Feb-04 Passed 2020-Feb-04 80 / 100


Great work @pooja1.sehgal - You should get an email in the next couple of weeks with information on claiming your socks! :smiley:


Hello! Finally done with the certifications!




Certification finished!