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New Relic Fundamentals Certification: Get Certified, Get Socks



Congrats @lmcminn! And looks at that perfect Alerts score! :100:


Completed right at the 11th hour :slight_smile:




All done!


Finally passed all assessment before the deadline!

A quick question, I noticed the accounts here and in the learning hub is different, and I am using my personal email for the certification, is it ok to apply for the lovely socks:grinning:?


Hey guys,
Here is my New Relic Certificate.


Hello Team
please find my Certificate



certificate-ccbjpky8q6wq-1577998197.pdf (517.8 KB)

[Address Redacted]


Great job @William.Feist - I just redacted your address from here - don’t want any surprises showing up at your door because of a publicly posted address :smiley: :smiley:


Passed the New Relic Fundamentals Certification.


I have passed the course. Am I qualified for socks?


Heyo! Look sat those scores @jbrooks1! Be on the lookout for an email from us next week. You deserve some socks!



certificate-hniywdnvmavx-1580244808.pdf (517.8 KB)


Certification proof! :socks:


Done :slight_smile: Certification.


Completed the assessments today and waiting for authentication to be done to receive the certificate. Qualifies for a pair of socks still :wink:


Didn’t got any reply from team.


Hi @shaik.basha - Great job passing the certification!

If you are referring to reply from the NR University team with your certificate, that will likely come in a few days, as they are issued manually.

In regards to socks, we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks with information on claiming your socks. :slight_smile: