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New Relic Fundamentals Certification: Get Certified, Get Socks



Got mine completed!


Just got mine completed!




Looks like I just stumbled across this in time :slight_smile:


Cutting it real tight before today’s deadline but I’ve managed to sneak it in!

I haven’t got one of those shiny results page yet but I do have the confirmation email proofs for each certification assessment from!


Great job @rishav.dhar! You’ll receive a communication in the upcoming weeks about getting your socks.


That’s great to hear, thanks!


Completed certification for newRelic. Email confirmation for the two last assessments and screen shot of completed first assessment.

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opened #155


Hi. I have not received anything about this. Is it still a deal?

closed #157


@sosa3500 - We just closed this program on Friday - You were an early submitter in this thread so I see you’ve been waiting a while.

Rest assured you will be getting your socks! We’re contacting all participants some time in the next couple of weeks with information on how to claim yours. Keep an eye on your inbox for that soon.


Congratulations to everyone who passed the certification and earned socks! @Bjorge928, @allthebest2rishi, @mike.zimmermann, @samuel.tillman, @sosa3500, @berenice.maldonado, @alejandro.sanchezm, @ivan.floresm, @tim.degrande, @jfry, @sukhman.sandhu, @Nilesh.Gupta1, @melina.ferreira, @stephanie7, @pablo.andrada, @Dana_Harrison, @juan.ochoa, @bryan5, @Carl.Schodde, @Dean.Heffentrager, @Satish.Kakwani, @zsolt.fejer, @andrew.downs, @joseph.baxter, @martin.dimevski, @kenny.kwan, @ahohenner1, @Darryl_Mui, @Vipan.KumarArya, @jbartholomew, @stephen.goodall, @Stanley.Chow, @Cory.Reid, @satishkumardevaraj, @Luis_Carvalho, @bryan.pierson, @Julian.Collins, @Edson_Junior. @pooja1.sehgal, @RomeoJr.Gomez, @lmcminn, @monitoringLife, @alex.mejia, @jurgroch, @hchang1, @shaik.basha, @Ahmed.Hamed1, @Ronald.Whitington, @William.Feist, @julie.weimer, @jbrooks1, @kirankumar.bojja, @bmiller3, @vipankumararya, @v-bmadhavan, @amim1, @rajesh.nandakumar, @tiyuen, @Ben.Buytaert, @nr.neomm, @aaron.wolfe1, @ryan.bennett, @abdallah.d, @mihai.zamfirescu, @guilherme.castro1, @sharmamayuri98, @Matheus.Baroni, @amin.shaikh1007, @marc.netterfield, @rishav.dhar, @kathleen.vincent

You’ll all be receiving an email from me later this week so we can collect your address and send you some socks!