New Relic Infrastructure Fundamentals Question

I am working on the Infrastructure Fundamentals course work and cannot seem to get the correct answer for one of the questions. I can’t figure out the answer. Can anyone help?

The question asks: "Where would you click to view only the hosts that are running a specific application? It shows an image of Infrastructure/Hosts page. I have tried to “pin” the applications in the left navigation window, but it says the answer is incorrect.

This is regarding NRU: Using Filters in Infrastructure 40302

Hi, @Joel.Watton: I agree that your answer should be correct. I have sent your question to the team that created the exam. I suspect that they want you to click Filter Hosts, but your answer is also correct.



I had tried that also with the same results. It says the answer is wrong.

Hi @Joel.Watton, I’ll bump this internally with the team as well and we’ll keep you updated.

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any update on this? Same issue for me as well. Seems to be a bug, the answer should be clicking on the applications to filter a specific application.