New Relic Java APM - Oracle JRockit not supported

com.newrelic WARN: New Relic Agent 4.3.0 does not support the Oracle JRockit JVM ("Oracle JRockit®").

Which version supports Oracle JRockit?

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Hi @rhalliwell

According to our compatibility docs:
You need an older, 2.21.X agent version for JRockit…


Thank you for the speedy reply @RyanVeitch :sunglasses:


Hello RyanVeitch

Please can you advise what version of the NR agent supports JRockit 1.6.0_211?

Thank you

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Hi @bgreenwood - I just contacted my colleagues who specialise in the Java agent. They informed me that we don’t currently support JRockit 1.6.0_211

Could you post this in the #feature-ideas:feature-ideas-java-agent space as well? We’ll be able to get this logged for you to the dev team over there :slight_smile:

Thank you @RyanVeitch :slight_smile:

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