New Relic Kubernetes integration v3 released

This week, we’ve released version 3 of our Kubernetes integration, which adds new components and several new configuration options.

Kubernetes integration v3 will be beta until March. After that, it will be generally available.

Why should you upgrade or test the new version?

Because it will allow you to:

  • gain data governance by increasing the scraping interval component.
  • save resources and therefore, money. The new integration has a reduced footprint. This is mainly thanks to the new KSM scraping component, that is now separate and independent, to which you can assign resources granularly.
  • save time for solving issues and tickets. Bugs will be triaged more effectively, and thanks to the enhanced logs and process lifecycle, it’ll be easier to check what component is failing.
  • configure the integration component by component.
  • reduce the integration footprint against the API server. This is particularly important for big clusters.
  • scrape external control planes (Rancher support).

Will this new version affect my metrics, dashboard, or alerts?

No. Even though this new version brings a lot of changes and benefits, you won’t experience any change on the telemetry data reported.

How can I test the new version?

In order to install or upgrade to the new beta v3, you just need to add the following flag to the Helm v3 command:

– devel

For more information on how to update, check the following installation and migration guides:

Additional documents

Support channels

If you have any question regarding the new version or the update process, please feel free to contact us on the following channels:

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