New Relic kubernetes + lens - after installing New Relic lens starts reporting that I have double the cpu/memory/requests/limits etc

All my metric become out of wack after installing the helm chart. Currently these metrics are reported by a prometheus I already have installed on the cluster, something about installing newrelic seems to make them think they are doubled… Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Would you be able to provide a link to the host where you are seeing this? It may be a conflict with the Prometheus reporting, but a deeper look will help find the cause of this. We hope to hear from you soon!

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It sounds like you have deployed nri-prometheus as part of our nri-bundle.
I would recommend uninstalling it. You can do this with the helm upgrade command and the following flag:

 --set prometheus.enabled=false \

We currently offer two integration options: Prometheus remote write integration and Prometheus OpenMetrics integration for Kubernetes or Docker.

We recommend getting started with the remote write integration if you already have a Prometheus server install base.

Hope this helps!