New Relic - Metrics

Hi Team,
We are using newrelic agent for capturing Infrastructure related metrics. We have enabled dashboards as well for the same. But, we could see that we are not getting metrics of deployments for some specified amount of time without any particular reason. Can you please help with that. Attached is the screenshot for the same issue.

Hi @Pradeepk.V ,

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According to the screenshot we see gaps. Can you please check the query for the chart. To get the query, use the 3 dots on upper right and use view query.

Once you have the query, please go to Query your data and check the raw data for the query. If the raw data has delay or gaps, It will reflect in the chart.

You may also share the permalink and I can take a look at it.


Hi Suman,
Thanks for your reply.
I tried using querying the data and still the raw data has delays and gaps. I’m not sure if I can share the permalink publicly. Providing you the screenshot of the mentioned method.

It will be helpful if we get to know the reason for these delays.

Hey @Pradeepk.V ,

I had a look through your Infrastructure agents and they all appear to be on very old agent versions 1.15.1. Compared to the latest release, this is quite old.

Not to say this could be the reason you are seeing this gap, but it could be a contributing factor. The best way to determine this issue, would be to capture debugging logs at the time of the incident.
I can suggest enabling Smart Debugging mode to only capture error messages, so your log files don’t get too big.

If you run into the issue again after updating the agents, please share debugging logs for further troubleshooting.