New Relic Node.js and Python APM agents to include automatic logs in context starting July 21st, 2022!

Starting on July 21st, 2022, when you update our Node.js or Python APM language agents you will automatically send enriched application logs to New Relic, joining the previously released Java, .NET, and Ruby language agents that include automatic logs in context and log forwarding built directly into the agents without the need to set up or configure anything and the option to opt-out anytime.

Now you can take advantage of our improved user interface to surface the logs you need alongside other relevant telemetry data, making it easier than ever to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of issues faster all without a dedicated log forwarder or lengthy manual configurations.

Remember, application logs in APM are only available after an agent update. Until you update your agent, you will see no changes in your account. For information on our latest APM agents that support automatic logs in context go here.

Collecting application logs means that more data will be ingested into the platform, at your standard ingest rate. The APM agent samples logs to ensure optimal agent performance. You can always increase or decrease an application’s log volume as desired, with New Relic, you always have direct control over which data you send to New Relic:

  • Opt-out anytime: Turn off automatic forwarding at any point by configuring your agent or using New Relic’s data management hub.
  • Ingest control: Use in-agent log sampling to manage ingested volume and avoid duplicating ingest and get 3X more value than alternate log management solutions.
  • Compliance: Log collection is disabled by default for HIPAA, PCI-enabled accounts, and accounts where High Security Mode is in use, even after you update the agent.
  • Data security: Mask, obfuscate, and prevent sending PII, PHI, or any other sensitive data via customizable security configurations.
  • Using third-party log forwarders?: We recommend only using manual OR automatic log forwarding to avoid duplicating log data. For more information, check out this documentation.

Want to know more? Learn about APM logs in context here or read our Blog

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Happy Logging!