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New Relic Olympics



Some context

Ok, let me explain the context real quick. In our company we’ve had New Relic for more than a year now and some teams are making good use of it. But the majority of teams only know it exists, never really putting the time to check it and make adjustments to either New Relic stuff like alert conditions thresholds or the apdex, or their own apps to improve performance.

The New Relic Olympics

That’s why we’ve come up with the New Relic Olympics. We plan to have some games for about one month or two. During that time, the teams will have to check their stats in New Relics and make adjustments to try and best the rest of the teams. We want to measure error rates, loading times, the apdex score, etc. We want to do this hourly (once every hour) and we’d really love for this to be something automatic.


Is there a way to do it automatically? Because I can’t find a way. A synthetic could be run every hour, but this is tipically used to check on the websites themselves to get some performance data, maybe, or to assert something. Maybe we could use a synthetic to connect to New Relic itself to check on the values we want to measure?


Also, I think some of these things we want to measure can’t easily be put in a dashboard as a time series, which we would like to do as part of the effort to keep the teams engaged (we have some screens displaying dashboards all the time so we can see instantaneously when the error rate spikes, for example). We’d like to be able to create a dashboard to show the rankings of the teams in each game, to keep them engaged and “fighting” with each other.

Please, send halp

So, any ideas?

PS: I didn’t really know in which category to put this topic, so feel free to move it to another one if you think it would be better categorized.

Conversation Highlight: New Relic Olympics

Hi, @dhernandez1: I love this idea! Sure, you can use Synthetics API tests to call New Relic API endpoints and/or execute NRQL queries to get the metrics you want to monitor.

For creating dashboards, you can either use the events API to insert custom events, or take advantage of programmability to create your own custom New Relic Olympics application.

I would love to see you create an application which you could then share via github for other New Relic customers to use!


@philweber Thanks for the quick response! I will take a look at your suggestions and try to create something other teams could use!


Just another thought - you could look to the NrAuditEvent in insights.

That’ll show you if people are creating alert policies / synthetics monitors / etc…


That could be useful, too. Thanks, Ryan!


Hey @dhernandez1 - I remembered this post today and wanted to check in and see how your Olympics went?


It’s on pause. I guess since coronavirus priorities have changed a bit. If we go on with it I’ll let you know.


That makes total sense! Hope you can get it back up and running in better times ahead :slight_smile: