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New Relic On-Boarding Video: #1 Intro to Data Collection



Customer On-Boarding - Getting Started with New Relic

Video #1: Introduction to Data Collection

This short video walks you through what you will first see in the New Relic UI and why those things matter for monitoring. It also summarizes the following:

  • SaaS vs on-prem
  • Data overview
  • Walk-through of each agent type
  • Feeding data into outputs like Alerts & Insights

Understanding what each piece of the platform can offer you is the first step to “on-boarding” the New Relic platform.

When you are ready to get more granular, check out the following links—we have tons of online material just for you. :blush:

More Resources


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New Relic On-Boarding Video: #2 Summarizing Performance Data
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