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New Relic On-Boarding Video: #3 Installing the Agents



Customer On-Boarding - Getting Started with New Relic

Video #3: Installing the Agents

This 2 minute video shows how straight forward it is to install New Relic Agents. The sooner you master this step, the sooner you can start digging into the data.

There are 7 Language Agents that all have different variations when it comes to installing, however the process for all of them are very similar and the logic and simplicity is consistent throughout. This video gives you a glimpse of what to expect, what information the UI will provide and how quickly to expect seeing data.

If you want to monitor an application with New Relic, the first step you are likely to take is installing the Agent straightaway before taking part in other areas of the platform.

Use Case

The quintessential use case for installing a New Relic Agent is that you are beginning your journey into the world of application performance monitoring (APM). By installing a Language Agent (in the video’s example: the Java Agent), you are looking inside transaction times, Apdex score, CPU usage, throughput (requests per minute or rpm), transactions, error rate, recent events, and hosts.

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