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New Relic On-Boarding Video: #8 Building Custom Reports



Customer On-Boarding - Getting Started with New Relic

Video #8 Building Custom Reports

In this video, you’ll see how all of our agents generate the metric data we’ve already looked at, but they also create “event data” into our Insights platform, where you can write custom queries, and assemble the resulting widgets into powerful dashboards for your teams and your whole company.

As you get to know Insights better, you’ll start to understand why New Relic is designed for your entire company to use, not just specific teams like Ops and Dev. These last 2 videos help you quickly see how your software performance maps to your business performance, and how your whole company can see that relationship with our intuitive custom reporting solution, New Relic Insights.

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New Relic On-Boarding Video: #9 Creating Business Reporting Data
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Is there a timeline for getting Infrastructure metric data available in Insights? I would love to be able to mash together some infrastructure and app data for some custom alerting.


Hi, @jbiggley: Infrastructure data has always been available in Insights:

Custom Data Limits - Per account or sub-account?

But only events, not metric data. … unless I’m doing it wrong.


Can you provide an example of what you are looking for? I am not aware of any metric data in Infrastructure.


I’m going based off of

My assumption is that metrics like Load Average, CPU % utilization, memory utilization, etc would all be categorized as Metric timeslice data. Is that correct? The article references as other examples.

measuring error rate, bandwidth usage, or garbage collection time.

The chart referenced in does say that there isn’t any metric data in Infrastructure so I’m obviously missing something between those two sections.


No, Infrastructure uses samples for everything, so that all of its data is available in Insights. You can see this if you click the ellipsis icon in the upper-right corner of a chart and select View query:

New Relic Insights will open in another browser tab and show you the underlying query for the selected chart.


Thank-you for being the reason I get no work done today because I am exploring Infrastructure data in Insight :smiley: