New Relic One Dashboards - Chart Timeout Displays No Chart Data Available

I noticed that the charts on our New Relic One Dashboards appear to time out when loading sometimes. This happens on Insights too, but when it happens on Insights, it is clear that the chart has not loaded, and the chart attempts to reload automatically. On New Relic One, the chart displays “No chart data available.” - the same message as when there actually is no chart data, which is misleading. Unless you were watching the chart and waiting for it to load, you might not know whether the chart actually has no data or whether it timed out. The timed-out chart also does not attempt to reload automatically - the best way to see the chart without reloading the entire dashboard appears to be to use the Expand option on the chart and hope that it loads successfully in the expanded view.

Hey @bhaynes

Thanks for this info! I’ll get it over to the dashboards team. In the meantime, does a browser refresh tend to resolve this for you?

@RyanVeitch - yes and no. Yes in that the charts reload when I reload the page, and often the ones that failed will succeed, but no in the sense that often other charts on the page will fail during the reload. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency about which ones fail, and when I use the Expand option to reload them, they usually load quickly.

Understood! That’s not great behaviour for sure! If you could generate a HAR file while this is failing, I can get that over to the dev team as well so we can take a look at the network requests occurring at a time when the charts weren’t loading. If you can get a HAR, feel free to DM me to share that

Hey @bhaynes

Just following up to say that I have had a meeting with the Dashboards product manager this morning. They will be working on some performance optimisations in the coming weeks.

They did mention that heavy queries can still take a while to load in their widgets, and it may be that they are timing out which is leading to the experience you describe. That may not change with dashboard performance updates, since the query timeouts come from NRDB (New Relics Data Base), but, we’re getting this feedback over to the team that manages NRDB.

Thanks for the update. I don’t think that this is a “heavy query” scenario, because most of the time, the charts load quickly. In the cases when they time out and I reload the chart using Expand, it usually loads quickly. But sometimes those same charts time out. So far it hasn’t happened to me since I posted this topic, although it had been happening most days prior.

Although performance improvements are welcome, my request here boils down to:

  1. If a chart times out, it should indicate that, not “no data available”.
  2. If a chart times out, it should automatically retry, like it does in Insights.

Got it! Thanks for the extra info.

I’ll make sure this is seen by the dashboards team :slight_smile:

As for the 2 specific points, those are likely going to be feature ideas, to change the current behaviour. Regardless, I’ll get it over to the Dashboards team.

We have a retry policy already in place. We need more data to reproduce this. Can you contact New Relic account team so we can check the issue with you? Thanks

Can you point me in the right direction regarding contacting the New Relic account team? Is there an email address or…?

I had a chart fail to load this morning. I opened Dev Tools and recorded the network traffic for over 5 minutes. During that time, there was no visible indication that the chart was attempting to reload. I saw three network requests from the browser tab during the time period. Please let me know if you would like the .har file and how I should send it to you.

Hi @bhaynes, I created a support ticket for you there. You should have received an email.