New Relic One Dashboards new: Chart Customizations in New Relic One

TL;DR Now you can customize Y axis, data & date formats, Legends and “Others” Facets in New Relic One Dashboards

Wait. What?

We want to provide more and more flexibility to you to represent data as you need:

  • You can customize Y-axis to be autoformatted or to stay within certain values for Line chart, Area Chart and Histogram
  • You can change data format, customize decimals and date format for Tables and Billboards
  • You can decide if you want to see the “Others” facet or hide it in Pie Charts, Tables and Bar Charts
  • You can decide if you want to see the legend in Line Charts, Area Chart, Histogram.

Y-axis customizations allow you to set and fix the Y-axis so even if there are spikes they continue to see the detail they need in their charts.

Data format help you to see the data as you need. Decide how many decimals do you need and how to represent your timestamp

How does it work?

When selecting the chart type in the NRQL query builder you will see a new UI for customizations. That UI will show the correct customization depending on the chart type.

For data customization, you can select the attribute that you want to customize (one or multiples), so the user can modify each column to fit their use case.

Find more about it in our official documentation


1. Are these customizations compatible with Insights?

No, and by adding these features any chart edited in New Relic One Dashboards will not be visible in Insights.

2. Are these customizations supported in the New Relic One Dashboards API?