New Relic One Free Tier - FAQ


In 2020, we dramatically simplified our pricing and added a perpetually free tier to make observability more accessible to a wider range of users and organizations.

Now, when you sign up for a new account, you get full platform access up to a generous limit each month. No catches. No trial time limits.

How do I regain access to New Relic One if I’ve gone over my monthly free limit?

If you’ve exceeded your 100GB of free data for the month, simply follow the prompts to add your credit card information to regain access to the New Relic One UI to continue visualizing, troubleshooting, and analyzing your stack. Reminder: You’ll only pay for what you use above your free tier limit each month.

Will I be charged immediately when I add my credit card?

No. You will only be charged for any usage beyond the free tier at the end of the month in which overage occurs.

Will I still get 100 GB of data free every month if I enter my credit card?

Yes, you will receive access to the entire free tier every month.

What’s included with my New Relic One free tier?

  • The ability to easily visualize, analyze, & troubleshoot your entire stack with access to the entire platform, including APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring, Applied Intelligence, and more
  • 100GB of telemetry data ingest per month
  • 1 free full user with access to the entire platform
  • Unlimited free basic users with access to data ingest, querying, dashboards, and alerts.
  • Standard data retention of 8 days and up
  • 100 million free Proactive Detection app transactions per month
  • 1,000 free Incident Intelligence events per month

How much will I be charged if I want to use New Relic beyond my free tier tier?

With New Relic One, you only pay for what you use beyond the free limits. Our simplified pricing on Standard includes the following:

  • $0.25 per GB ingested per month beyond your first free 100GB of data per month for all your events, metrics, traces, and logs on Telemetry Data Platform.
  • $99 per additional standard full user (up to 5 full users) per month for Full-Stack Observability, which includes APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring (Browser, Mobile, Synthetics), Logs in Context, Serverless Monitoring, and more.
  • $0.25 per million app transactions per month beyond your first 100 million app transactions per month free for Proactive Detection.
  • $0.50 per incident event per month beyond your first 1,000 incident events per month free for Incident Intelligence.

What happens if I go over my free tier and I haven’t added my credit card?

When you’ve exceeded your 100GB of free data for the month, you will receive a notification to add your credit card to unlock access beyond the free tier. Rest assured, you’ll only pay for what you use above your free tier limit each month.

How can I manage my data and users?

To view your current forecasted spend:

  • Log in to
  • Head to the account dropdown under your user name.
  • Select “View your usage” to explore your current monthly usage totals.

To manage your data and learn more about how we calculate usage:

  • Log in to
  • Head to the account dropdown under your user name.
  • Select “Manage your data.”

What is the difference between a full and basic user?

Full users get access to every capability within the New Relic Platform (including APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, Browser, Mobile, Synthetics, Kubernetes Cluster Explorer, Serverless Monitoring and more). Every standard plan can have up to 5 full users, including your 1 free full user. For additional full users, learn more about our Pro and Enterprise plans.

Basic users can add, visualize, query, and alert on data, and view custom dashboards. Every account can have an unlimited number of free basic users.

Can I get alerts on my data usage and users?

Yes, you can query and alert on billing and usage data. Please see our docs for further instructions.

Do you have options for free and discounted access for nonprofits?

Yes! Check out our Observability for Good program.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

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Hi , how if my account go over my free tier, and i don’t want to add my credit card ?

Hi @cloud8, I have reached out to our account team to assist you with this. They will follow up shortly by email.

@nmcnamara, how can I go back to the free limited lite account? We didnt get notified that we moved to a perpetual free account. so now we got the bill, which we cant pay because as a startup, its difficult for us to bear these expenses. Please guide us to move back to free account.

Hi @devops166, I’ve responded on the topic you posted about this issue.

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Hello, I’ve noticed that our free tier has exceeded its limit and it’s being billed. I’ve tried to reduce data usage or pause the subscription with no success. Kindly advise how we can pause or cancel the subscription immediately as the business doesn’t have the capacity to cope with the bill at the moment.

Hi @tools3, if you follow this link and fill out the form, our billing team will reach out to you and assist.

Just to make sure I understood correctly - if we get above free tier without added credit card, access to the UI will be blocked or my data won’t be shown?

Hi @viktor10, Welcome to the Explorers Hub! To clarify, once you hit the 100GB limit from the free access, you will not be able to see any data recorded after that point but you will still be able to see the original 100GB you initially ingested.

Let me know if you need anything else.


One more thing - if I was faving 2 full users for couple of months, but credit card was not added. Then I removed one to stay in free tier and added credit card, will I be charged for that full user over limit in previous months?

Feature Request: when free tier ends, you should still be able to navigate, simply the ingestion will stall.

Is the APM > Events > Deployments section outside the New Relic One free tier? I don’t find any information about that anywhere.

When I open that section, I see this New Relic Pro customers can come here to see details of their application deployment history, but anyway I am able to create and retrieve deployments from the REST API. I’m just unable to see that information in the web section.

This doesn’t seem to be the case for me. I’m always redirected to a page that asks me for my credit card details. Can you help?

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How Can we know Which Data we used to exceed 100 Gb and will we go back to free tier next month?

I don’t understand how I could go over 100GB of text data with only 8 days of retention and now I’m blocked… These all seems doubtfull.

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How caan you block us and not aallow us to transfer the account bbefore asking for the credit card? Such a crook move

right now, i have 3 crucial accounts that i need to move our of the same account.
please assist to move to new account first.

Can you atleast allow us remove some accounts. so. we. dont have to hit the limit? You cant just lock us out!

Hello, this statement seems to not be relevant any more. After free tier data is eliminated, app is just throwing add card popup window on every action and you can not simply access any part of the app.

If we add card on free tier in specific month, is it possible to remove it once it is no longer needed and get back to free tier?


how “100GB of free data” is measure?
we have a Ruby on Rails application and run out of free quote in just 12 day.

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