New Relic One Release - FAQ

What features/capabilities are being launched with this release?

New Relic One is the industry’s largest and most comprehensive cloud-based observability platform built to help customers create more perfect software. In the pursuit of our vision, we have enhanced New Relic One to provide a simplified and frictionless experience for customers by;

  • Unifying and enhancing product experiences in New Relic One
  • Structuring our platform into just three 3 products (Telemetry Data Platform, Full-Stack Observability, and Applied Intelligence)
  • Updating pricing and buying programs to be straightforward, predictable, and value-based
  • Embracing open source by contributing to open standards and open sourcing our own agents
  • Creating a quick and easy onboarding flow so users can sign-up, get started, and start troubleshooting within 5 minutes

How is this different from the previous New Relic One launch at Future Stack 2019?

We are completing the vision of New Relic One we launched late last year. Our vision is observability for all, and we’ve removed artificial boundaries within the platform to make that vision a reality.

I’m a new customer. How do I sign up and get started?

We’ve made it easier than ever to get instant visibility into the performance of your entire stack. Start by filling out the sign-up form at Once you check your inbox to verify your email address and quickly fill out some additional details, you’re ready to add data!

From cloud integrations to applications, New Relic empowers you to instrument your entire stack. Simply choose your programming language, framework, cloud provider, or log ingestion path, and follow the installation steps.

Once you’ve instrumented, navigate to the relevant UI for a curated view on the performance of your application or integration, or start exploring your data with custom dashboards using chart builder.

I am an existing customer. How do I start using the new capabilities that are launched?

As an existing customer, you get automatic access to the entire New Relic One platform at launch. This includes all of the Full-Stack Observability capabilities. Simply click the capability you want to use in the main navigation bar and begin exploring your data in context.

I’ll also offer to be helpful. Myself and @svincent will be sitting in

And if anyone is confused or needs some help feel free to drop in and ask some questions.


We have a couple of master accounts in our New Relic implementation. In the old UI, we could easily switch between them using the account selector on the upper right corner of the screen. In the new UI we haven’t found an easy way to switch between master accounts. Is there a user friendly way to do this?

HI, @alex.plaza.gonzalez: In the new UI, you should no longer need to switch among accounts; you can now see all accounts your logged-in user has access to. You may use the filter tool above the list of entities to view those belonging to a specific account:

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Thanks @philweber. I’m able to see all the resources of all sub-accounts for a given master account, but I don’t see the sub-accounts of other master accounts unless I go directly to it by using the url

Can you share some of account IDs that you are not seeing in New Relic One?

@RyanVeitch, 2439350 is the master account we’re not seeing. We only see the resources of this account if we go directly to Otherwise, we only see the resources of the other master account and it’s sub-accounts.

Hi @alex.plaza.gonzalez

thanks for that detail… I’m curious what resources you are looking for… As an NR Admin, I have the ability to ‘Impersonate’ a user - this essentially lets me see what you see, which helps in troubleshooting.

When impersonating you, from the APM Page in New Relic One, I can see the account 2439350

Can you confirm where in the UI you are not seeing data from that account?

@RyanVeitch, this is what I see in the APM tab (same behavior on the other tabs):

Interesting! I’ll send you a direct message here :slight_smile:

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