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New Relic operational details


Hi there,

I am evaluating New Relic APM and I have a few basic questions listed below:

  1. With the PRO subscription, how many agents can I setup?
  2. How much time does it take for the metric data to appear on the NewRelic UI after agent posts that data?
  3. How much is the average CPU, memory and network bandwidth usage of the New Relic agent(APM Overhead)?
  4. Is there a limit on the number of events/metrics that the agent can post to New Relic?
  5. Is there an option to automatically upgrade the new relic agent to the latest available version?
  6. What happens if the New Relic agent is not upgraded? Will the server stop accepting data from the agent?

I would really appreciate inputs on the above questions.

Kind Regards,
Jaspreet Singh


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