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New relic php agent causes segmentation fault


We are getting signal Segmentation fault (11) error in apache error log when new relic is installed. And causes production site break randomly. We had to unisntall php agent for resolve the problem.

We have php7.1.30 aln new relic agent 9.0

Have an Monitoring tool that break your site is not a good idea…


Hi @afernandez - Sorry you’ve had this experience with the PHP Agent.

Agent version 9.0 introduced some big changes, and our engineering team rigorously tested the agent before launch. In their testing they did not come across any seg fault issues. With that said, we have seen a small number of customers report that they have experiences these issues with the agent, and so the development team are currently investigating that issue, and a fix for it too.

In the meantime, you should be able to use agent version 8.7 without issue. :slight_smile:


Hi @RyanVeitch,
We have the same problem also with version 8.7! PHP versions currently in use 7.1.11, 7.1.28, 7.1.29.
All our servers running version seem to be ok!

No php source code or configuration changes have been taken place on the affected servers!

Here are a list of the php packages in use:

Thank You.


@omolinillo - That’s interesting, I’m going to get a support ticket opened for you. Since this is happening on older versions of the agent too, I’d like to get you in touch with our support team. Please send them any details you have on your environment, and any VERBOSE level logs you can generate when a seg fault issue occurs.

Thanks :smiley:


Hi all - I would like to point this thread to @jvarney’s post detailing that we have rolled back the PHP agent release for version

Further updates will be posted here by Jodee :


I’ve just posted an update and a link to a new candidate release that we would be grateful for a couple customers to test also in their environment. (once bitten…)

See PHP agent 9.0.1 - candidate release that fixes segfault & memory leak issues


We’ve officially released an updated version that fixes reported issues, see posting here: