New Relic Plugin EOL - Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

What is Happening

On Wednesday, June 16th, 2021, New Relic will no longer support or maintain Plugins. Any plugin that is currently in use should be replaced by the New Relic Infrastructure agent. Along with support and maintenance, we will be removing access to the current plugin pages on the New Relic One platform.

We recommend that you begin reviewing the plugins in use and begin planning to replace the plugin agents prior to June. The New Relic Infrastructure agent provides more features, events and metrics based reporting. By default, the Infrastructure agent captures data that is displayed in the New Relic One infrastructure view, where you’ll be able to view how transactions span your platform in the context of distributed traces. Providing a more detailed view into your platform’s performance.


  • On June 16th, 2021, the plugin pages, including dashboards, will no longer be supported or accessible in New Relic One.
  • To prevent any risk of monitoring lapse, we recommend that you begin replacing your plugins now.

Why we are doing this

Plugins were initially created to expand the New Relic monitoring footprint beyond Ruby applications. The technology used to monitor and collect this data is outdated. We have since created and maintain agents that are designed to specifically monitor infrastructure and other platform components. These agents are designed for performance and capture a more granular level of data (events) vs plugins which are limited to metric data.


I’m using a plugin to monitor my platform, which agent should I use instead of the plugin?

  • The best option will be to use the New Relic Infrastructure Agent. If you find that the infrastructure agent does not meet your requirements, there are a number of on host integrations available to align with your monitoring needs.
  • You can also build your own integration using the New Relic Infrastructure Flex framework.
  • If you are not able to find what you are looking for, please contact your account team to further help identify the best agent that aligns with your needs.

What happens to my data?

  • The plugin data will continue to be retained following the New Relic retention period.
  • Once the infrastructure agent is used, data will be stored in NRDB and available to view on New Relic One, your New Relic account data retention period will be applied.

How do we continue to monitor our AIX servers? There is no infrastructure agent for them, and we use the AIX plugin extensively.

Same here. What is the replacement/solution?

Hi, @Jackie.Russell: You might take a look at the open-source Unix monitor here: For plugins in general, the replacement is Infrastructure integrations.

So that unix monitor isn’t considered a plugin? That is what we use, as long as that will still work we are fine.

This is not a plugin. It is a unicorn that sends custom events. :slight_smile:

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Any suggestions on replacements for vyatta plugins ? I am currently not able to locate any infrastructure agent for Vyatt OS. appreatiate any pointers on the same. Thanks.

Hi @Akash.Thakur2 - Check out the New Relic Infrastructure agent. Specifically you’ll want to follow the instructions to install the Infrastructure agent on the Debian distro.


Can you please reply here? I need urgent help: New Relic Platform Installer for Redis

We have some form of NR monitoring installed on a number of Windows Server and MS SQL Server instances. Unfortunately the people who installed the software have left, and I’m left with the task to find out if this EOL for plugins will impact our monitoring.

The first problem I’m facing is to understand whether any component is regarded as a “plugin”. There’s a suggestion to consult specific menus on the ONE webpage, and I find that there is nothing which by name would suggest it is a “plugin”.

But on the Windows servers with a SQL Server instance, I can find logging for the NR_SQL_Plugin_v0.5 service. However, not even Google can find any reference to this anywhere on the web. So is this “plugin” indeed a “plugin”, or not?

Logged on to the New Relic ONE webpage, I can see that among the HOSTS we have several Windows Server instances listed, but apparently they have an “Agent Version”, which again begs the question “Is this a plugin?”

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed light on this darkness!


Is the way to monitor Elastic search v1.7x with infrastructure agent, since we were using the new relic plugin to monitor the cluster and it’s no longer supported/maintained. As per new relic docs infrastructure agent support only Elastic search v5x or later. Any solution or advice much appreciated.

We have plugins with some hosts like Sendgrid and Atlas MongoDB, where there is no way to install the infrastructure agent. In this case, how can we proceed?


Hi @asimons. I’m having the same type of task. I’ve been reading that page and using this API. When looking in the UI/Plugins, you would see more tabs added beside “Plugin central” if you are using pluginsPluginUsedAddsAnotherTab

Hi @asimons, I am in the New Relic support team and I can get your request into a support ticket so we can find out more about your account’s setup. Thanks!

I’m new to New Relic One. But picked up a task to move out from using Plugins, as our admin got an email that says New Relic Plugins are going to get EOL by 16th June 2021, so we should move out and use existing integrations or build our own integration.
I don’t find any clue where I can find those installed plugins in New Relic One dashboard. I see that docs says access https://one.newrelic.comMorePlugins

But I don’t see Plugins section in More and not anywhere in the dashboard of New Relic One.
Please guide me where I can find those plugins.

Or if the access is removed, then what should I do now to move out? Can I leave thinking about plugins and start concentrating on using existing integrations? - Please suggest.
*Note: It seems we have few plugins used. When I ping below api, I got 3 plugins in response json. FYI they are SendGrid, MemCachier Dashboard and Custom Dashboard (Private)

curl -X GET "" \
     -H "X-Api-Key:${API_KEY}" -i

Thank you

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Similar situation here.
Pretty sure we are no longer using plugins but we keep getting the warning emails.
The documented UI option is simply not there.
The REST call lists 7 plugins in my case.

I need help locating current Plugins in use for our account RE This email is the final reminder about the planned EOL of [Plugins]on June 16th, 2021 . You are receiving this email as you are an admin on an account with a Plugin reporting: . If you have recently taken action to replace your Plugin, you can disregard this email.

“You are receiving this email as you are an admin on an account with a Plugin” I cannot see any menu items labeled ‘Plugin’ and a search for Plugin returns zero results.

I thought I had found all use of Plugins a while ago, but I’m still getting the “you have plugins” reporting emails.

Having another look through the REST API, can anyone confirm if anything reported under Components > List (New Relic API Explorer) will be the plugins that are left reporting?

We extensively used Plugins many years ago, so the Plugins > List results are long, but I’m only seeing 5 components

Hi @saikumar @pmac72 @alexander.janckila, it sounds like you may no longer have access to the Plugins UI. This is removed if the UI has not been accessed in 30 days. I can create distinct support tickets for each of you and have this reinstated. Thanks!


Hey, let me get this into a support ticket so I can get some account specific information from you. Thanks!