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New Relic Plugins in Heroku



I am running an app on Heroku that utilizes Cassandra, Kafka, Redis, Zookeeper etc. So, I’d like to use New Relic plugins in order to collect all the data from these services into one Dashboard on New Relic.
As far as I understood majority of the plugins are prebuilt as jars, that with some configuration tweaks can be launched and will be dumping data into New Relic. My question is, what are the best practices of setting up these plugins in Heroku environment? As far as I know on Heroku app you can execute only one process, since plugins are being luanched as separate apps should I create a Heroku ‘worker’ for each plugin? Please advise.
Also, I’d like to know if Cassandra and Kafka plugins are officially developed by New Relic team.



Hi, @imochurad: I’m not sure if this is different for New Relic accounts created through Heroku, but typically you may view and search a list of available plugins by visiting[your_account_id]/plugins/directory.

If you do a search there, you will see that there are two Cassandra plugins, neither of which was developed by New Relic. There is one plugin for Storm Kafka, also developed by a third party.

P.S. – If you search the plugins directory for “New Relic”, you can see the plugins that are developed and supported by New Relic; there are currently 15 of them. All other plugins are developed and supported by third parties.