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New Relic Queries!



1. List item
Does the New Relic identify the slow response between Web-àAppàMiddlewareà O/SàDatabase ? If yes, How does it identify ?

· Can we have Transaction profiling across multiple tiers /Deep Dive Diagnostics. If yes, the how ?

· Which are the platform not supported by New Relic?

· What happen when application functionality change does it auto discover ?

· If new application is sunset or new version is release with change in architecture, functionality. Can we reuse the existing licenses parallel on both environment till

· Kindly share Solution Architecture diagram and scalability consider for the 1 year of historical data ?

· New Relic historical data can be used for custom capacity planning dashboards?

· Does New Relic e support all database versions for Oracle, MS-SQL, My-SQL, Mongo DB ?

· Executive and team lead dashboards over mobile ?

· Does New Relic e do deep drive database monitoring and alerting for the listed existing issues: -

locking / blocking query,
long running query,
high memory utilization,
table space utilization alert,
dead locks, memory leaks,
log Synchronization issues,
log shipping, Primary,
Standby and DR sync alerts,
DB offline online,
maximum session,
job status alert (Success, failed, hang).
Integration with oracle ADDM tool

· Confirm the list of KPI’s can be configured. (Yes/No)

· Which ML (Machine Learning) functionality will be used and configured part of New Relic e implementation and what benefit we can achieve ?

Note - I am new to New Relic and i have some queries , please help me with the
aforementioned queries.


Hey @mohammed.shaik

Since you’re new to New Relic, I feel like you would benefit from a demo from our sales team. I’m going to get you in touch with them so they can run through New Relic functionality with you :slight_smile:


Hi @RyanVeitch

It would be great help :slight_smile: , Thank you so much for your quick response.

However, prior to demo i would like to have these queries answered, Perhaps you can enlighten me on these please.


Hey @mohammed.shaik -

I’m not an expert on all parts of New Relic, but I can try answer some of your questions.

  • For Middleware tracking, yes, you can see some docs on our Ruby agent’s handling of that here
  • Along with the above, here are some docs on Database monitoring
  • I’m not 100% sure what you mean by transaction profiling across multiple tiers, but Distributed Tracing is our most detailed view of transactions, that may help you.
  • New Relic has 7 language agents: Go, .Net, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.JS. Each support different environments, I would recommend looking into their individual docs to find out if your environment is supported.
  • So long as New Relic monitoring remains installed in your application, and the app can connect to our data collectors, New Relic will keep running when your app changes.
  • You can use the same license key in any number of applications. They are separated in the UI by Application Name. That said, our pricing model is based on hosts, not apps. If your old, sunsetted app and new app run on the same host, your single licensed host is enough without needing to pay for more. (I’d recommend talking with the sales team for more details on that)
  • I’m not sure we have a publicly available architecture diagram, or one that I can share from internally.
    Our maximum (APM) data retention rate is 90 days, 1 year is not possible for APM. That said, with an Insights Pro subscription, you can retain up to 156 weeks of data.
  • You can build dashboards in Insights to achieve any goal with historical data. This assumes you have an account with the appropriate insights retention levels. Additionally, depending on your needs, you may want to look at sending custom data to insights as well as utilising the default data for your dashboards.
  • Individual database systems may be supported, but that is agent specific. I would recommend looking into the requirements docs I linked above for each agent.
  • Your Executive and Leadership team can have their own dashboards. These may need to be created with custom data depending on your needs. But they can also be mobile utilising the New Relic Insights mobile application.
  • I’m not sure on the individual database issues you listed, but you can configure alerting on custom metric names, if the default alertable metrics are not suitable for you.
  • Some of the most used default data KPIs I have seen are Application Response Time / Apdex / Error Rate / Throughput. Though, with custom metrics / custom events you can create a dashboard with any KPI you need.
  • Our ML and AI capabilities are growing at the moment. Right now there are a few possibilities, such as Incident Context (which can tell you what other events in your application may be related to Alerting incidents you receive.) For example, your application may see an increase in response times, causing an alert to be sent to you. Incident context can look at your app and show you anomalous events, such as external services with high response times, which are the cause of your application response time increase.

Once you get a Demo set up with the Sales Team, they can answer any further questions you may have, if not, feel free to post back here in the Explorers Hub.


Hi @RyanVeitch

Thank you for your quick help and detailed information. Indeed you provided information clarifies the raised queries.


You’re welcome @mohammed.shaik - I’m glad I could help!