New Relic’s Support Portal returns on February 22

We are happy to announce that the New Relic’s Support Portal ( will be reactivated on the morning of Tuesday, February 22 (Pacific Time).

When the Support Portal returns, you’ll recognize its look and function as being similar to your previous experience. For customers entitled to case-based support, your experience filing, updating, and resolving your support cases will be the same. There are a few key details that will be different:

  1. Case access based on your New Relic One login: Our Support Portal leverages your New Relic One authentication to log you in. Once you are authenticated in New Relic One, you will be able to access the Support Portal, where you will see your support cases for the accounts to which you have access in New Relic One. If you use multiple modes of authentication to access different sets of accounts in New Relic One, use these same logins to view the distinct sets of support cases in the Portal.

  2. Finding your existing cases in the Portal: In order to find your existing support cases, use the My Cases and Our Cases options in the Portal. The search option on the Portal will not display case results, but it is a great way to find knowledge-base support articles that may help resolve your issue.

Until the Support Portal is available on February 22, please continue to leverage the In-Product Support experience to file new support cases. More details on this option can be found here. If you’d like to check in on the Support Portal maintenance, you can see updates on our status page here. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to continuing to help you use New Relic One.


Our Support Portal is available. Please see this update.