New Relic - SQL Server Custom Query

Hi All,
I installed SQL Agent on my Db Server and configured mssql-config.yml with below query, where do I see this data into ? Please help


# YAML configuration with one or more SQL queries to collect custom metrics
# A SQL query to collect custom metrics. Query results 'metric_name', 'metric_value', and 'metric_type' have special meanings
#     'instance_buffer_pool_size' AS metric_name,
#     Count_big(*) * (8*1024) AS metric_value,
#     'gauge' as metric_type,
#     database_id
#   FROM sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors WITH (nolock)
#   GROUP BY database_id

Hi, @SathiyarajManoharan: If that is your .yml file, the custom metrics query is commented out. You must delete the hash (#) characters from the start of each line, then restart the Infrastructure agent.

This document explains how to find and use the data generated by the MS SQL integration: Microsoft SQL Server monitoring integration | New Relic Documentation.

I removed the hash # but still I dont know where to look for the data ?

Did you read the document I linked to in my previous reply?

To find your integration data go to > Infrastructure > Third-party services and select one of the Microsoft SQL Server integration links.