New Relic SSO/Saml integration

Hello everyone,

trying to determine if the NR documentation for SSO/SAML is for users to use their company credentials authenticate and login to NR itself or if this saml integration can be used with NR synthetics that monitor sites that pass credentials through saml.

For example we would like to create a synthetic that alerts us if there is an issue with accessing the company intranet. As a real user, once i login to my vpn or if im in the office on the company domain my credentials get passed through SAML as i navigating different pages.

if i wanted to create a synthetic that mimicked my steps, even if i were to use a private location, i assume that i would need to create a user variable in the script that points to a real user that it can be authenticated in order for the monitor to work?

Hi, @tris.maddox: The documentation on SSO/SAML is for users to use their company credentials to authenticate with New Relic.

For a Synthetics monitor, you will have to include authentication in the browser script: Navigate to the SSO login page, provide credentials for a user, then navigate to the page(s) you wish to monitor.

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thank you sir…I appreciate it