New Relic Status Page needs new colors

I just had the fun experience of checking New Relic’s status page and thinking everything was fine, and then minutes later having a colleague check it and announce an issue.

I have a common form of colorblindness, but still depend on color in many situations.

For me, the “Operational” and “Partial Outage” colors look the same, so a quick glance at the status page, and noticing a single “checkmark”, my brain assumed everything else with the same color was also had a checkmark.

If the “Partial Outage” color was confused with the “Major Outage” color, I think that would be less of a big deal. In order to do this, one proposal would be for the “Partial Outage” color to be much darker, so that if all the colors were converted to black and white, the gray for “Operational” would be light and the grays for the outages would be dark.

Maybe consider this a feature request?

Thank you.


@rraposa I will definitely make sure our status page admin is aware of this feedback.

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Note: I also have a browser extension that helps correct for some issues, but it is unable to help at all on these color choices. I am happy to provide feedback if someone wants to test options in an image before launching an update.

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I have standard color vision and that shade of orange is actually somewhat difficult for me as well – I can tell the difference, but it’s harder to notice as I can scan down a list.

i recommend using the “Let’s get color blind” Firefox extension for simulating different kinds of color blindness. (I tried linking it, but my post was rejected due to the URL.) Using that, and even using the “Daltonize” feature that attempts to adjust colors for maximum distinction, you can see that the distinction is quite subtle.

The best thing to do here would be to have distinct shapes. Having three status indicators all with a circular outline is part of the problem; using other outline shapes would be a good bet.