New Relic stopped working - like 0 data (since when?)

We have been using New Relic for approx. 10 years now. Main goal has been to have an additional tool to monitor infrastructure (VMs) and an MSSQL database.

In recent years we got better tooling from our cloud provider, and the value of New Relic has been washed out. We stuck with New Relic as an “insurance plan”, as it might have the right data in future time of crisis.

Time of crisis is now. I need access to the data - but it’s not there. I login to find a completely new portal with an empty Dashboard. No entities etc. I figure this is probably because the agent needs update - but I can’t find the MSSQL agent anymore either.

Long story short: I’ve been a happy user of New Relic for many many years. When I needed you the most, you failed. Setting up New Relic again is not worth the time (since I can’t rely on your services and I get most of the value elsewhere anyway).

I turn to cancel my subscription - you stopped servicing me, but you forgot to stop charging. When I got to the cancel subscription page, it shows me a penalty of 10 months charge, to cancel. I’m thinking: for how long didn’t you serve me while I was still paying? how much do you actually owe me?

Well - lets look forward… Cancel my subscription without penalty so both parties can walk away from this without slamming any doors.


@nn12 Understand your frustration and I have opened up a ticket so our account team can work directly with you on this situation. You will be receiving an email from them soon.

Hey @JoiConverse ,

Thanks for replying. I didn’t receive anything from your account team yet.
How long will it take before they reach out?


@nn12 I can see that your issue has been routed to them now. It can take time depending on inflows but you should hear back from them soon.