New Relic Synthetic - Browser type and Version option

I would like to use Synthetics, but I don’t see that we are able to test our automation using different browser.

The synthetic would access the webpage and proceed to replicate end user steps. How could we specify a specific browser as we’d like to test our synthetic using multiple browsers . Similarly to how we use BB8.

Is Chrome the only available browser type that we can use to create Synthetics?

Thank you

Hi, @SRE: Yes, Google Chrome (on Linux, on a desktop) is the only browser available in New Relic Synthetics.


Thank you for your reply Phil. Much appreciated.

Which version of Chrome does NewRelic Synthetics use?
If multiple versions, how can we select which version?

Hi, @AVaughan: The Chrome version used depends on which version of the Synthetics runtime your monitor uses.

As of today, 6 Aug 2020, the current runtime uses Chrome 72. It is not possible to select a different version.

Chrome 72 is very old. We are currently in Chrome 91 and our database codebase does not support 70’s. Is there any alternative?

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What version does New Relic support now? This needs to get addressed to make this tool at all valuable.

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