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New Relic - Terraform Error: the name does not match any New Relic alert channel



Hi guys, I am trying to setup New Relic monitoring via terraform using the following guide:

I have stored my admin api key as an environment variable.

I am receiving the following error after Terraform plan:


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Troubleshooting New Relic integration with Terraform

Thanks for the question Dean. From looking at your example and the error message it appears that the Terraform provider is not able to find an existing New Relic Alert Channel with the name “RSO_Application_Services”. If that channel does not already exist, you’ll need to create it as a Terraform ‘resource’ instead of ‘data’. If it does exist, please make sure that the name argument is exact as it appears in the New Relic UI, and that it’s on the same account as the configured API key used when running terraform. Let us know if we can help further!


Hi @Dean.mullarkey! Were you able to get this working?